Late last month, Iran put on display what it insisted was a captured American stealth drone. The government is providing the gas from the South Pars field and pitching in about $1 billion of infrastructure. And even after the travel ban was halted by a one-week stay in the courts on Saturday, some people were still being blocked from returning to the United States, news organizations have reported.

If parliament votes to approve Najafi—an outcome that by no means is certain—and if Najafi were to pick up where Faraji-Dana left off, he will have more information in wikipedia at least one powerful ally in the cause: Iran’s reform-minded vice president for science and technology, mechanical engineer Sorena Sattari.

Farhadi, who won for his drama The Salesman,” had an Iranian American engineer — Anousheh Ansari , the first Iranian-born person to travel to space — deliver a statement engineer system on his behalf condemning Trump’s inhumane” executive order banning citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries, including Iran, from entering the U.S.

Farhadi chose two Iranian-Americans – an engineer and a former Nasa scientist – to represent him at the ceremony. With an exclusive focus on arts, culture, and lifestyle, Kayhan London provides coverage of Iranian art, theater, film, music, photography, fashion, food and travel around the world.

Other Iranian officials have hinted that it could allow American rivals such as China the opportunity to acquire the technology. I worked at NASA my entire career and stepped down from my post last March after 36 years. engineer Celebration of Engineer’s Day has a special purpose: the government of Iran wants to form a special nongovernmental organization, an engineering society, that would include all or almost all Iranian engineers.

They’re linked to former professors, classmates, and friends throughout the vast Iranian diaspora. Maybe it is secretly transmitting back to the US the Iranian’s reverse engineering technology and the people doing it. An Iranian engineer is back in the United States after President Donald Trump’s travel ban left her in limbo for a week in her native country.

Fonseca was a contractor for a Portuguese engineering company that served as a front company to purchase the machines on behalf of their Iranian client. But a few days after his arrival, Iranian security officials forced their way into his family’s home, took their passports and arrested Alborz, who had remained in Iran the whole time.

She was still waiting to hear whether anyone besides journalists would give her news about her visa. Malekpour, an engineer who emigrated to Victoria B.C. in 2004, was awaiting citizenship when he made an urgent trip to visit his dying father in October 2008.

More than 12,000 researchers — including 40 Nobel prizewinners and 6 Fields medallists — have signed a petition denouncing Trump’s actions The American Association for the Advancement of Science and the Association of American Universities have put out statements urging the Trump administration to re-evaluate the ban.