Rhinoplasty (commonly referrd to a nose job”) is a plastic surgery procedure that involves reshaping the nose. Open rhinoplasty makes an excision at the columella (the thin divider between your nostrils) whereas closed rhinoplasty makes incision inside your nose. As one of the top rhinoplasty surgeons, Dr. Kim performs many combination rhinoplasties in which both cosmetic and functional breathing problems are corrected in the same operation.

Case 2: Achieving a beautiful, natural change in an already beautiful woman is one of the great challenges we love in rhinoplasty. Often, an incision is also made across the columella (the post” between the nose and the nostrils) because this allows the surgeon create a much more attractive nose than would otherwise be possible(open rhinoplasty).

Some individuals choose to have their rhinoplasty completed without invasive surgery. Dr. Zoumalan uses a combination of unique surgical methods and holistic methods so that most people can go to work or a social gathering one week after surgery. These symptoms will fade over the first week, and the results of the rhinoplasty should be evident in two to three weeks.

You’ll talk about why you want the surgery and what you hope to accomplish by having it. His contributions to the field have significantly enhanced both primary and secondary rhinoplasty. Photograph A. – Open rhinoplasty: At rhinoplasty’s end, after the plastic surgeon has sutured (closed) the incisions, the corrected (new) nose will be dressed, taped, and splinted immobile to permit the uninterrupted healing of the surgical incisions.